The global recorded music and entertainment industry is currently valued over $125b, and as business and commerce shift to digital, these industries are in dire need of a digital makeover...welcome to >> The Music & Entertainment Initiative powered by: The Flag Blockchain and The XME Token

Sir Earl Toon

Grammy Hall Of Fame Legend


The Flag Digital Music and Entertainment Initiative is lead by music legend, Sir Earl Toon and is driven by his passion of supporting and uplifting the entertainment community in novel and creative ways.

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The XME Token was developed to support the entire Digital Music and Entertainment Initiative. The value of the token is tied to numerous projects under the music, entertainment, and performing arts industry umbrellas. These projects include merchandise, events, special offers, elite experiences, sponsorships, corporate partner offers, and NFT collections. A portion of proceeds from company-managed projects will go into a pool used to support the XME token in the market. This innovative approach to funding and supporting creative projects is a testament to the power of the Flag Blockchain technology. By leveraging the decentralized nature of blockchain, XME tokens enable creators to connect with their fans in new and exciting ways while providing a secure and transparent platform for transactions. The future of music and entertainment is bright with XME tokens leading the way.