Refund Policy

If you are eligible for a refund, we will generally process your refund within 7 days or less. Your credit card or PayPal account will be credited with the full amount you have paid. Although we try our best to process refunds in a timely manner, PayPal or your financial institution can take up to 3 weeks to reflect the refund in your bank or PayPal account.

Billing, Termination, Cancellation and Refund on Monthly & Yearly Subscriptions

Flag Media Corp dba Flag Digital (FMC) offers monthly and yearly subscriptions, which entitle the original purchaser access to the products for a period of exactly 1 month/1 year from the date of purchase.

The purchaser agrees to pay all fees in effect when incurred. You will be billed for your subscription in advance at the time of purchase and the subscription will automatically renew indefinitely until explicitly cancelled. If you cancel your services, your cancellation takes effect on your next billing cycle. This means we won’t be able to refund you for early cancellation.

If you have a question about charges made to your account, please contact us immediately. If the charges were made in error, we will immediately credit your account or credit card account for the appropriate amount.

FMC has a zero-tolerance policy for chargebacks. Any customer who disputes a credit card payment that is found to be valid will be permanently blacklisted and barred from use of the Service. Any past due fees and costs will be sent to collections. If our collection efforts fail, unpaid debts will be reported to all available credit reporting agencies. If FMC terminates your account because of a violation of our terms of service, FMC will not refund any portion of your license fees.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t like the product and don’t wish to use it, feel free to send us a message and we’ll refund the full amount.

Cancelling My Subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Just send us an email,, and we’ll make sure that your subscription is cancelled and that you don’t get billed on the next billing cycle. When you cancel your subscription and your current subscription expires, you will no longer have access to our services.

Last updated on February 21, 2024